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NET Cancer Video Resources

Basic Information

Kjell Öberg, MD: Neuroendocrine Tumors

Suggests that if you suspect a neuroendocrine tumor a Chromagranin A test is the place to start. Once you see an elevated Chromagranin A level you start looking for elevated hormone and peptide levels to find the tumor and its type.

Presentation at Medical conference on Uppsala Oncolytic Virus

Part 1–The body of the talk

Part 2–The Q&A

Kjell Oberg’s November 2012 talk on oncolytic viruses indicates we have two viral vectors in hand that may offer a cure for NET cancers.

Supporting the Neuroendocrine Tumor Community

This short promotional video from Novartis does a good job of explaining some of the basics about NET cancer. It does not hit very much on actual treatment, but does highlight some of the difficulties we face.

primer on neuroendocrine cancer

This is from the Stanford Patient Education Conference sponsored by Caring for Carcinoid Foundation. It is a good basic explanation of neuroendocrine cancer.

NET Alliance video series on neuroendocrine cancer

This very professional series of videos will walk you through the basics of neuroendocrine cancer–from what it is to what it is confused with to how it is diagnosed to how it is treated. Each video treats a different aspect of the disease. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can look at just one at a time. A very good and useful series.

NET Alliance Intro Video

There is not much humor in this business of NET cancer, but this video from the NET cancer Alliance gives some good information with a film noir twist.

NET Cancer Patient Conference Individual Sessions

Surgery for neuroendocrine tumors

This is an excellent video of one section of the New Jersey Carcinoid Cancer Network  conference on November 10, 2011. The link also connects to other presentations at that patient conference.

Possible use of laparoscopic surgery for liver and pancreatic NETs

This presentation at the Stanford Patient Education Conference on September 10 discusses the possibility of using laparoscopic surgery for NETs in the liver and pancreas. This type of operation has not yet been used on NETs but is under active consideration. It shows an actual laparoscopic operation on the pancreas for another issue.

Traditional open surgeries on NETs including liver metastases

This presentation at the Stanford patient education conference talks about more traditional surgical interventions for NETs and includes statistics on longterm survival as a result of surgery.

panel discussion on the psychosocial impact

This is a panel from the Stanford Patient Education Conference on September 10, 2011. It discusses the psychological and social impacts of NEC. The panel is made up largely of patients, but includes two social workers and some comments from the audience.


Full NET Cancer Patient Conferences


at Penn Medical sponsored by Caring for Carcinoid Foundation

This link takes you to the Focus On Neuroendocrine Cancer Conference in Philadelphia on September 16, 2011. You can view the entire conference sponsored by Penn Medicine and the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation or look at the slides from the various presentations. The presentations are geared to a wide audience and include one by a patient about how to become a barking zebra.

Other Videos

Update on somastatin analogs and tumor progression

This gives an overview of current research on Octreotide and Pasireotide and their impact on not only symptoms but tumor progression. It also outlines future trials of both somastatin analogs in combination with mTOR inhibitors. While its primary audience is medical folks, it is pretty clear for laypeople as well.

Woman cured through PRRT and surgery

This 2112 news story from Australia claims a combination of the experimental PRRT therapy has cured a case of pNET in a 47- year-old woman.

Robotic Resection of thymoma and neuroendocrine tumors

The resection of the neuroendocrine tumors starts about 10:40 in but even the first 10 minutes are fascinating viewing. Unfortunately, the sound quality is pretty poor. There is a lot of echo in the description. However, the video showcases the power of robotic surgery beautifully. That alone makes the 15 minutes or so worthwhile.

Commentary on Steve Jobs’ death

This is a link to a video commentary on the death of Steve Jobs by Dr. John Marshall on MedScape. He makes some interesting points.

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