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Targeted alpha therapy receives award in US

Outlines use of Alpha Radiation in treatment of NETs. The trial is ongoing.

NETs of Prostate inhibited by PHA-739358

This short piece outlines a particularly nasty NET and a promising possible treatment.

Poster #1 outlining results of Phase 2 Trial of telotristat etiprate

Poster #2 outlining results of Phase 2 Trial of telotristat etiprate

Presentation Slides from telotristat etiprate presentation at NANETS

Phase 2 study results for telotristat etiprate in patients with CS to be presented at NANETS

The four items above give a fairly clear overview of the success of the Phase 2 Trial of telotristat etiprate as presented at the October 20-22 NANETS conference in Minneapolis. The results merit further study, according to the presenters. Lead author on the study was Matthew Kulke from DFCI.

These are the results of a Phase I  trial of an entirely new anti-tumor drug. The substance is called NKP-1339. The trial was conducted in Phoenix, Arizona. It had a significant effect on a non-pancreatic NET. It created regression in that patient”s tumor. A Phase I trial does not mean much–and FDA approval is still clearly years away even if everything goes well from here. But the study is promising.

This is a link to the announcement of a trial for a new radiation treatment for neuroendocrine tumors. The trial is taking place in Houston, Texas. This treatment has been available in Europe previously. It uses LU-177 Octreotate.

(If you learn of or know of trials of new drugs or treatments for NECs or CS, please e-mail me at and I will post them here. Walking with Jane also receives mail at P.O. Box 9721, Fall River, MA 02720.)

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