One hate fuels another

Help ume stop doing what I hate Let me finally be able to tell Jane her disease is dead.

Help me stop doing what I hate. Let me finally be able to tell Jane her disease is dead.

Why I ride

I have to be honest: There are two things I really hate about the work I do with NET cancer.

The first is reading the daily notices about who has died overnight. I’ve reached a point that I know most of them. I’ve read their posts in support groups, met them at conferences. Every death reminds me that despite the money we’ve raised, despite the real progress we’ve made on understanding the disease, we still have no cure, we still have too few ways to ease patients’ suffering, we still have too few ways to improve both the length and—more importantly—the quality of patients’ lives.

I hate failure

And every death reminds me that I have still failed to keep my promise to Jane that I would one day stand at her grave and tell her NET cancer is dead.

And it hurts.

The second thing I hate

It hurts so badly that I do the second thing I hate doing: asking people for money.

On August 5, I’m putting my 65-year-old body on a bike and peddling 50 miles as part of the Pan Mass Challenge. The money I raise will go to NET cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one of the leaders in NET cancer research in the years since Jane’s death.

Can you help?

Last week, I donated $1200 to that ride. Someone else ponied up $100—an amount an anonymous donor will match later today. That person will match every donation to my ride—no matter how large or small–up to $2500 total.

If you can donate, I’d appreciate it. If you can share this post, I’d appreciate that, as well.

And if you’d like to join the NET Team for any part of the ride, that would be cool, too.

Posted by walking with jane on January 15, 2018

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